CML thanks to the development of advanced technologies in the field of design, production and marketing of steel supports and accessories for public and private lighting, is today at the top of the national and European market. Founded in the 1950s, as a national production and marketing company of centrifuged reinforced concrete poles for the transport of electricity in low and medium voltage, in recent years it has made substantial investments for the modernization of production plants, the increase in efficiency and expansion of the product range, developed thanks to full and continuous attention to market developments and the availability for the design of new and different solutions that best suit the needs and requirements of the customer.

This philosophy has led to the full satisfaction of the needs of its customers, large, medium and small installers of lighting systems: Production companies in the urban furniture segment, Design studios, municipal companies, Enel and electrical wholesalers, thanks to certified products ranging from the public lighting sector to street furniture, from the traffic light to the supports for photovoltaic panels as well as to the Torrifaro both with a fixed platform and a mobile crown.

CML, to confirm the quality of its products and its internal processes, can boast a series of certifications such as CE marking, ISO 9001 quality, OHSAS 18001 (which certifies the occupational health and safety management system) and approvals obtained from Autostrade per l’Italia, Enel and Ferrovie dello Stato which, together with the company’s strong focus on the service, place it in a position of great competitive advantage over the competition.


Our professional and motivated work team is composed of highly qualified personnel who work every day at the service of the most demanding customers, creating unique, beautiful and functional pieces in line with the most restrictive rules in force in terms of product quality and respect. environment. Our team is at the complete disposal of our customers to evaluate and advise on the path to take for the best possible realization.