CML, thanks to decades of experience in the production of steel supports for a variety of industries, can design and manufacture a wide range of products while maintaining careful consideration for market developments to create new and innovative solutions that best fit the needs and demands of the customer.

CML is highly specialized in the residential and public lighting sectors, offering a wide range of both functional and high design options.
This category of products consists of conical and octagonal steel poles, tapered poles made from seamless tubes, high masts with raising and lowering mechanism and masts with fixed platforms to illuminate large areas – just to name a few.
CML provides technologically advanced products that enable high performance in every product category with continuous and constant research for improving safety, efficiency and functionality.
This research has led to the development of upgraded product categories such as city signage, traffic lights, video surveillance and ‘stand alone’ poles with wireless technology that are fully powered by solar energy.



Power to renew the world. CML designs and manufactures steel polygonal poles to support micro and mini eolic wind generators (up to 650kWp) with customized solutions to help transform wind into energy.
More than a decade of experience validate the Group’s ability to support the customer during the design and installation phases of the device.


In frequency with innovation CML is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of telecommunication systems for major international operators as well as mono-tubular poles for telephony networks, radio-base and signal stations.
Customized devices and systems are designed and built in accordance with international technical standards for all requirements.


CML can also supply its FAST SITE, a system with a pending patent consisting in a precast foundation made of reinforced and vibrated concrete built to contain the devices of a radio base station with equipment and a steel pole. The FAST SITE can be supplied in two versions, one of 5x5m² for poles up to 24m with a flagpole of maximum 6m, and another of6,5x6,5m² for poles up to 30m with a flagpole of maximum 6m.


Design and Engineering are central elements of the production process. CML’s internal engineering and design office can realize customized solutions for public lighting systems, distribution poles, traffic lights, telecommunication supports, and photovoltaic panel supports including a variety of high masts.